We’re a small family business (emphasis on small!) based in Erith, South East London. Erith is a Kentish border town and as such we have always been lucky enough to be able to play big part of our community, participating in local farmers’ markets and producing new products for our neighbours to try. Our Vicinity to inner London has meant that we’ve always been on the cutting edge of cultural exchanges and have been able to learn so much from the communities around us, hailing from far and wide.

Our family is from Zimbabwe, for the most part- with generations of us being born and raised on different continents all over the world we’re truly preparing for a time without borders. Our Southern African roots play a big part into our goals and successes as a business, our most established product (the one that started it all) is Hodzeko Amasi- a natural set yoghurt crafted from Zulu principles and enjoyed across Southern and Eastern Africa. Much of our philosophy on fermentation and grain use is deeply rooted in these cultures, which has resulted in our becoming the UK’s premier Finger Millet supplier in recent years.

We’re already the UK’s premier destination for Cultured Milk products, producing a proposition with a taste and texture superior to anything available back in the old country. We’ve used our expertise in fermentation and signature probiotic cultures to develop alternative lines as we understand the growing importance of the dairy-free sector. The investment we’ve put into our R&D and production capability has allowed us to be fairly agile with regard to introducing products and tweaking them in response to the market’s demand.

Another benefit of our Southern African background is our affinity for gluten-free grains such as Finger Millet, Pearl Millet, Sorghum and Maize Meal- we mill these to an unrefined standard to maintain the fibre content of our flours and offer a superior product. The blend of grains we have decided to work into our products are traditionally touted for their nutritional benefits, we see these benefits to have great potential for a modern life style. For example: our most popular grain, Finger Millet, has a relatively high content of iron and protein, along with Tryptophan- a naturally occurring Amino Acid known to suppress appetite.

We believe that as a species the human race as a whole has never had it as good as it does now, in terms of the majority of us being able to feed ourselves and our families. We understand that good can always get better, that it is incumbent on all of us to increase our dietary standards and by extension our collective quality of life.

Dr Albert Mufaro, our founder, has lived with diabetes for many years and has found that it really does compel one to consider diet and nutrition more- it’s what tipped the scale and got him to start trialling those first batches of Hodzeko in that Kentish Kitchen back in 2004. It’s the same thing that continues to push for innovation in our ranks to offer tasty alternatives with real nutritional value- from our family to yours

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