Milky Millennial Ways


Soy, rice, almond, oat- each the centre-piece of various plant based alternatives to milk. It turns out Millennials simply don't like milk, a visit to your local coffee shop will expose you to a plethora of concoctions frothing from branded paper cauldrons being clutched by the leaders of tomorrow. Now, let's consider the modern day lactophobe- struggling to stomach his morning Weetabix; he feels left behind by milk-loving society, dejected and cursed to the watery misfortune of a plant-based yoghurt.

But alas, hope is not lost. Our Cultured milk is based on the same principles used by the lactose-intolerant Zulu tribe, who would ferment their milk in a goats stomach to convert the lactose to lactic acid, giving the milk a distinct, full-bodied tang. We've clung to the principles that made the Zulu's bitter yoghurt the staple that it is throughout Africa.


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