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Premium Wholesaler to Trade & Public

We're manufacturers and distributors of your favourite flavours from the Southern Hemisphere, boasting the best quality and prices in the industry. Express delivery or in-person pickup available on all orders placed before 12pm Monday to Thursday (excluding Bank Holidays).


Tasty, natural foods.

We've been kicking since 2004 and since then we've served well over THREE MILLION pots of our Cultured Milk and it's all because of your support! We consider that an invitation to each and every one of your dinner tables. Not bad for a small operation, right?  


As of 2016 we've stepped things up and have introduced gluten-free wholegrain Maize flours, millets and dairy-free probiotic yoghurt drinks and puddings to the line up. Our grain-based Product is pure and unrefined, which means it's naturally high in fibre. We guarantee that all of our product is free from artificial colours, GMOs and enhancers too. As of 2021 we've partnered with various local producers of artisanal products to give you and your family a fuller, healthier choice.

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