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Baobab Smoothie 500g

Baobab Smoothie 500g

Delicious Baobab Smoothie is flavoured with Southern African Baobab fruits; it tastes great as a breakfast drink, pick-me-up, or dessert snack! Fortified with the baobab fruit's natural vitamin C and indulgent flavour, Baobab Smoothie is a great gluten-free source of fibre, tryptophan and iron from its silky millet and oat base.


Baobab Smoothie is bursting with of probiotic cultures for a happy tummy-ecosystem, our fruity brews are produced in small batches to maintain quality and potent taste.



  • Water
  • Baobab powder
  • Unrefined Finger Millet flour
  • Unrefined Maize meal
  • Unrefined Oats flour
  • Unrefined Sugar
  • Milk
  • Bacterial Cultures
  • Preservative
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