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Kumunda Five Grain 2.5kg

Kumunda Five Grain 2.5kg

Our Five Grain maize meal is robust blend of five nutritious grains for an even tastier end product. Healthier than processed maize meals, it's full of natural, beneficial elements including, but not limited to: fibre to aid in digestion, Tryptophan to curb appetite and help weight regulation, antioxidants, protein, potassium and iron.  Maize Meal being a staple across the southern regions of Africa, it's long been the choice carbohydrate accompaniment for many a meal. Cook into a tasty, energy-packed breakfast porridge or whip into a traditional savoury pap.


Ingredients: Wholegrain Maize Meal, Finger Millet (Zviyo), Pearl Millet (Mhunga), Sorghum Meal (Mabela), Oats

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