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Kumunda Multi-Grain Meal 2.5kg

Kumunda Multi-Grain Meal 2.5kg

Our Multi-Grain maize meal is a special blend of our grains, It makes for a tastier, healthier base for porridges, sadza and the like. Healthier than processed maize meals, the blend of grains that makes it up results in a unique taste- it's also full of loads of natural, beneficial elements including, but not limited to: fibre to aid in digestion, Tryptophan to curb appetite and help weight regulation, antioxidants, protein, potassium and iron.  Maize Meal being a staple across the southern regions of Africa, it's long been the choice carbohydrate accompaniment for many a meal. Cook into a tasty, energy-packed breakfast porridge or whip into a traditional savoury pap.

  • Unrefined and packed with fibre, great for a gastric work-out
  • Artisinally crafted locally in London
  • A guilt-free taste of Southern Africa good for the whole family



Maize, Sorghum, Pearl Millet, Finger Millet, Umgayiwa

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