What we do

Millet Flours

Millets are gluten-free grains that grow all over the world and have been enjoyed by cultures dating all the way back to the Ancient Sumerians. Millets offer a myriad of health benefits attributed to controlling blood sugar, maintaining mineral levels and more. These Include Finger Millet, Pearl Millet and Sorghum.

Maize Meal

Maize has been one of the most important carbohydrates throughout the world since the Portuguese brought the crop from Mexico to all their colonies. Our premium Unrefined Maize Meal is packed full of fibre and is GMO-free, milled with only the freshest Maize right here in our London warehouse.

Mixed Grains

We gave you premium Millet Flours, then we gave you premium Unrefined Maize Meal- you told us you wanted various blends of these and we listened! Whether it's for porridge, sadza, ugali or pap- we've got a range of healthy blends to try with your family.

Cultured Milk

Our first ever product, cultured milk (also known as Lacto, Mukaka Wakakora and Amasi etc.) is a natural set yoghurt made from our signature bacterial cultures to promote gut health. We've been producing this since our humble beginnings in a Kentish Kitchen!

Probiotic Snacks

After spending all these years developing our Cultured Milk and working with bacterial cultures we've gotten pretty good at making probiotic dairy-free yoghurt alternatives, puddings and drinks (Mahewu)

All of our products in this sector promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria and are entirely sugar-conscious, as per our founders' philosophy.

Nature Pantry

We work closely with local producers of natural and sustainable produce to bring you more flavours that we enjoy here as a family, these include premium hot sauces and Cajun peanuts grown by sustainable farmers in Kintyre, Norton.